Joe Lamyman's Photos

Portrait of Joe Lamyman, smiling with his brown hair swept to the side. The photo captures Joe
  from the torso up. Joe is wearing a white t-shirt with a rounded logo, feature the letters 'im' on the left breast.
  Joe is stood in front of a large bush, covering the background. A pink and purple filter has been applied to the

Joe Lamyman

🗺 York, UK

I am an accessibility specialist/developer/person currently working for TetraLogical in beautiful York, UK. My work focuses around trying to make experiences personalised towards the needs and goals of individuals.

My partner Naomi and I, stood infront of the Oslo skyline. Naomi's hand is placed on my chest, with her solitaire engagement ring visible.
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Betsy, a golden labrador/golden retriever cross-breed with dark golden fur, curled up on her black cushioned bed, gazing lovingly at the camera. Betsy is wearing a pink coloured hat that reads: Party Animal, with fabric candles sticking out the top.
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Joe crouched, hugging Betsty, both stood alongside rows of dahlias. The colours of the dahlias range from groups of bright whites, deep reds, neon pinks, and some a mix of orange and red resembling a sunset.
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Naomi, Joe, Siobhan, James and Jake all stood in front of the stairs. Naomi, Joe, James and Jake are all smiling and looking at the camera, while Siobhan holds a blue jug of cocktails above James' head as if she's about to pour it, while laughing.
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Jade site behind a computer monitor at the top of the table smiling. To the right of Jade is Matt, holding a dice up to the camera. To the right of Matt, at the bottom of the table, Joe holds a pitcher full of cocktails. To the left of Joe sits James. Between James and Jade, Siobhan sits smiling at the camera. On the table is a computer monitor with a map barely visible. In the background, a newly plastered wall provides a grungy backdrop to the photo.
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A small wooden rowing boat sits angled upon a bright blue green lake, docked to a wooden dock. A male duck, with a grey body and green head is swimming in the lake to the right of the boat. In the background, a few layers of trees sitting on a small hill cover the base of the mountains that feature prominently across the background of the photo. The mountains are a deep grey with their peaks covered in bright white snow.
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The dark blue night sky takes up the majority of the photo, with bright white stars visible, covered by whispy thin clouds. In the foreground, red lights illuminate a demonstrator and some walls, in the background is a 2 storey observatory which sits in front of a row of tall thin trees.
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Myself and Naomi taking a selfie, with me smiling and wearing a light blue jumper and Naomi wearing a red knitted jumper and festive earrings - both smiling, with our Christmas tree, covered in small white lights, visible in the background.
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A pirate ship hot air balloon is present in the foreground of the image with a series of other different coloured hot air balloons visible across the clear blue sky in the background. At the bottom of the image, crowds of people are stood behind barriers watching the pirate ship balloon taking off into the sky.
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Myself and Naomi stood in a deep red room, with Naomi smiling and holding the keys to our new house above her head. In the background are some plain red walls and empty shelves.
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A selfie, including myself, Siobhan and Jake
View this post from Saturday 29th May 2021, Post 8
A beige cap sitting upon our stone coloured kitchen countertop. On the front of the cap is an embroidered red panda. The red panda is tucked up into a ball, it’s large bushy tail wrapped around the front of it’s body, with it’s head nestled into it’s tail. The panda’s eyes are closed in a way that show delight, with them arched. The red panda has dark brown stripes on the tail and a few dark brown markings on it’s light orange body.
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Two glossy, painted bowls. With my left hand I am holding a bowl that I painted featuring orange, blue and pink shapes - some filled in, some with just their outlines. The rim of the bowl is painted a bright yellow colour. In the photo, the side of the bowl can be seen. To the right of the photo is the bowl that Naomi painted. You can only see the inside which has been patterned with yellow and pink flowers with blue, yellow and red vines surrounding them. The rim of the bowl is painted a light sky blue colour. The background of the photo is our drab green brown worktops.
View this post from Saturday 20th March 2021, Post 6
My partner Naomi, wearing her new oversized navy and mustard coloured trousers and purple hoodie featuring all of the Powerpuff Girls as well a big smile. Naomi is holding a small tray with a white iced Betty’s ‘Happy Birthday’ cake. The cake features a small banner that says: Happy Birthday. In front of the banner are 10 small candles. Naomi is sitting on the sofa, with a cosy blanket on the back, in the background are the beige coloured walls of our front room and our ZZ plant sitting on a small coffee table behind the sofa.
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Myself and Naomi holding up ice creams and smiling with a bright blue sky in the background. I am wearing a white top with a black denim jacket, my glasses. Naomi is wearing a suede looking material pink jacket. In the background are the leafless branches from a bush in the midst of bright green grass. The sky is a vivid blue with clouds strewn about, making the lighting indirect, albeit bright.
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Joe in a black t-shirt with a small pixelated white dog and a goofy smile, in the 8-bit style of Undertale. The t-shirt reads: The dog absorbed the t-shirt. In the background is our bed and a wooden door with postcards stuck to it, from various places we've visited.
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A small snowperson (roughly 20cm tall) sits at the front of the image with two stick arms, coal eyes, a coal nose and three coal buttons. The ground is covered in a thin blanket of snow. In the background is the snowperson we built previously. The rest of the background is made up by a small brick wall surrounding some grass, a series of bushes and our bungalow.
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Joe in a padded navy coat with a bright yellow crocheted hat on, bending down to put a carrot nose onto a small snowperson which is as tall as Joe’s knees. There’s a dusting of snow on the ground, with the flash of the camera reflected in the glass of the bungalow in the background. It’s very dark, with the bright white snow of the snowperson providing a stark contrast against the dark background.
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