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Jade site behind a computer monitor at the top of the table smiling. To the right of Jade is Matt, holding a dice up to the camera. To the right of Matt, at the bottom of the table, Joe holds a pitcher full of cocktails. To the left of Joe sits James. Between James and Jade, Siobhan sits smiling at the camera. On the table is a computer monitor with a map barely visible. In the background, a newly plastered wall provides a grungy backdrop to the photo.
Lovely Easter weekend playing Dungeons and Dragons, with friends! 🐉🐣

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Portrait of Joe Lamyman, smiling with his brown hair swept to the side. The photo captures Joe from the torso up. Joe is wearing a white t-shirt with a rounded logo, feature the letters 'im' on the left breast. Joe is stood in front of a large bush, covering the background. A pink and purple filter has been applied to the photo.

Joe Lamyman

Posted Sunday 17th April 2022