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A beige cap sitting upon our stone coloured kitchen countertop. On the front of the cap is an embroidered red panda. The red panda is tucked up into a ball, it’s large bushy tail wrapped around the front of it’s body, with it’s head nestled into it’s tail. The panda’s eyes are closed in a way that show delight, with them arched. The red panda has dark brown stripes on the tail and a few dark brown markings on it’s light orange body.
it’s official: i have purchased the cutest cap ever

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Portrait of Joe Lamyman, smiling with his brown hair swept to the side. The photo captures Joe from the torso up. Joe is wearing a white t-shirt with a rounded logo, feature the letters 'im' on the left breast. Joe is stood in front of a large bush, covering the background. A pink and purple filter has been applied to the photo.

Joe Lamyman

Posted Wednesday 5th May 2021