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Myself and Naomi holding up ice creams and smiling with a bright blue sky in the background. I am wearing a white top with a black denim jacket, my glasses. Naomi is wearing a suede looking material pink jacket. In the background are the leafless branches from a bush in the midst of bright green grass. The sky is a vivid blue with clouds strewn about, making the lighting indirect, albeit bright.
Making the most of this winter heat wave 🍦

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Portrait of Joe Lamyman, smiling with his brown hair swept to the side. The photo captures Joe from the torso up. Joe is wearing a white t-shirt with a rounded logo, feature the letters 'im' on the left breast. Joe is stood in front of a large bush, covering the background. A pink and purple filter has been applied to the photo.

Joe Lamyman

Posted Sunday 28th February 2021