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Two glossy, painted bowls. With my left hand I am holding a bowl that I painted featuring orange, blue and pink shapes - some filled in, some with just their outlines. The rim of the bowl is painted a bright yellow colour. In the photo, the side of the bowl can be seen. To the right of the photo is the bowl that Naomi painted. You can only see the inside which has been patterned with yellow and pink flowers with blue, yellow and red vines surrounding them. The rim of the bowl is painted a light sky blue colour. The background of the photo is our drab green brown worktops.
Bowled over with how these turned out 🎨

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Portrait of Joe Lamyman, smiling with his brown hair swept to the side. The photo captures Joe from the torso up. Joe is wearing a white t-shirt with a rounded logo, feature the letters 'im' on the left breast. Joe is stood in front of a large bush, covering the background. A pink and purple filter has been applied to the photo.

Joe Lamyman

Posted Saturday 20th March 2021


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